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This section deals with the practical aspects of owning shares in Centrica.

You can confirm the number of shares you hold by calling Equiniti on 0371 384 2985*. Alternatively, you can check your shareholding by registering on Shareview, which gives you direct access to information on your shares in Centrica and other companies for which Equiniti act as registrar.

*Calls to an 03 number cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number. Lines open 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (UK time), excluding public holidays in England and Wales.


Shareview is a free and secure service, provided by our registrar, Equiniti. It is quick and easy to register as long as you have your shareholder account number (this is a 7, 8 or 11-digit number printed on any shareholder correspondence sent to you). Once registered, Equiniti will send you an activation code by post to your registered address. You will then be able to:

  • Manage your shareholding quickly and securely online;
  • Update your address and set up or amend your direct dividend payment details online;
  • View the Annual Report on the day it is published;
  • Cast your AGM vote electronically; and
  • Receive an email when shareholder documents are available online.

Register for Shareview 

If you are already registered for Shareview, perhaps because you hold shares in other companies, you can add your Centrica shareholding to your existing portfolio and see everything in one place.

Log into Shareview Portfolio 

FlexiShare service

The Centrica FlexiShare Service (FlexiShare) is a ‘corporate nominee’, sponsored by Centrica and administered by Equiniti Financial Services Limited (Equiniti FS). It is a convenient way to manage your Centrica shares without a paper share certificate.

Your Centrica shares are held on your behalf, registered in the name of Equiniti Corporate Nominees Limited, but you remain the beneficial owner of the shares. Your share account details will be held on a separate register and you will receive a statement when you join the service and an annual statement as long as you hold shares in the service. The number of shares held in your FlexiShare account is set out in your FlexiShare statement or can be found online.

There are no charges for joining or holding your shares within FlexiShare or for leaving the service.

By transferring your shares into FlexiShare you will benefit from:

  • An annual statement, normally sent with your Annual General Meeting voting form at the end of March each year;
  • A buy or sell facility - FlexiShare participants have access to facilities provided by a panel of independent share-dealing providers;
  • The scrip dividend programme – instead of receiving a cash dividend you can elect for the Company to issue you with new shares equivalent to the value of your cash dividend, completely free of charge. These new shares will then be credited to your FlexiShare account;
  • Quicker settlement periods; and
  • No paper certificates to lose.

The FlexiShare register is maintained on Centrica's behalf by Equiniti FS.

The FlexiShare register is not classified as public domain, as such Equiniti FS would only divulge information to you or someone who had been legally appointed to act on your behalf.

To transfer all or some shares into FlexiShare, complete and return the FlexiShare transfer form with your share certificate(s) to Equiniti.

You will receive confirmation that you have joined FlexiShare soon after the transfer of your shares has been carried out. The transfer will also show on your next FlexiShare statement.

If you have lost or misplaced your share certificate(s), you will need to complete and sign the indemnity on the reverse of the form. There is no charge for the indemnity. If you subsequently locate your missing certificate(s), you must send it immediately to Equiniti for cancellation.

You can keep track of your Centrica shareholding on the internet by registering for the Shareview or by calling the shareholder helpline.

Following your opening statement, you will not receive written confirmation of any further completed transfers. Instead the transfer will appear as a share movement on your next annual statement. If you sell your shares, the broker will provide you with a contract note as confirmation of the deal.

View Flexishare Terms and Conditions

More information regarding Flexishare can be found in our Shareholder FAQs 

Share-dealing facilities

Centrica itself does not endorse any one service for the buying and selling of its shares. However, Centrica has made arrangements with the following independent share-dealing providers to offer all shareholders competitive charges.

Alternatively, you can arrange dealing through your own stockbroker or at most high street banks. To sell your shares, you must present the original share certificate to the broker.




City House Securities Ltd

0345 603 1470        

Equiniti logo

03456 037 037

Stocktrade logo

0131 240 0508 
(quote "Centrica Dial & Deal service")

You should note that:
  • Stamp duty is payable at 0.5% on all acquisitions; and
  • £1 PTM levy is payable on all trades with a value of £10,000 or more.

FlexiShare account holders

Centrica has made arrangements for FlexiShare account holders to buy or sell shares from your FlexiShare account at favourable commission rates with the following share-dealing service providers.

You will need to quote the reference number provided on your FlexiShare statement or dividend tax voucher. You should check the charges with the broker before dealing.

If you are unable to locate any of this paperwork then Equiniti FS will arrange for a letter confirming the details to be sent to the address that they have for you on the share register. Unfortunately, Equiniti FS is unable to give you this information over the telephone.

Shares held in FlexiShare cannot be sold directly through any other broker service. Please note that Centrica itself does not endorse or recommend any share dealing provider's products or services.

  Charges Services
City House Securities Ltd



  • 0.5% on first £50,000 

  • 0.2% on any excess 

  • £25 minimum charge 



  • 0.5% on first £50,000

  • 0.2% on any excess

  • £25 minimum charge

Equiniti logo



  • 0.5% total commission
  • £15 minimum charge



  • 1% on first £50,000
  • 0.2% commission on any excess
  • £25 minimum charge
  • Online or telephone access
  • Real-time share-dealing
  • Limit order share-dealing  
  • Stop order share-dealing  

You should note that:

  • Stamp duty is payable at 0.5% on all acquisitions; and
  • £1 PTM levy is payable on all trades with a value of £10,000 or more.



If you have a small number of shares and the dealing costs or the minimum fee make it uneconomical to sell them, it is possible to donate these to ShareGift, a registered charity, who provide a free service to enable you to dispose charitably of such shares. More information on this service can be found at or by calling +44 (0) 20 7930 3737.

Shareholder forms



Direct Dividend Payment form
Arrange for your dividends to be paid direct into your bank or building society account on payment day

Direct Dividend Payment form 

Corporate Shareholder Dividend Payment form Corporate Dividend Payment form

Change of Address form
Notify the registrars of your change of address

Change of Address form

Share Account Combination form
If you have more than one Centrica share account, use this form to merge them into one.

Share Account Combination form

FlexiShare Joining, Transfer, Dividend and Lost Certificate form

Transfer existing shares into FlexiShare form

Transfer from FlexiShare to another CREST participant

Transfer from FlexiShare to another CREST participant form

Transfer shares to spouse or to another beneficial holder within FlexiShare

Transfer shares to spouse or to another beneficial holder within FlexiShare form

Transfer Existing Shares into Existing Corporate Nominee Account

Transfer Existing Shares into Existing Corporate Nominee Account holder within Flexishare form

Request for share certificate in own name
Please note that with this request form you are NOT required to complete the Participant ID nor Member Account ID boxes in the top right-hand corner

Request for share certificate in own name form

Request for share certificate in another name

Request for share certificate in another name form

Certificated Scrip Mandate form

Certificated holders should use this form to elect to join the scrip.

Certificated Scrip Mandate form

FlexiShare Scrip Mandate form   

FlexiShare holders should use this form to elect to join the scrip.

FlexiShare Scrip Mandate form

Scrip Dividend Revocation form

If you wish to withdraw from the scrip.

Scrip Dividend Revocation form 

Please note - These forms should be downloaded, completed, signed, and returned to:

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

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