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Our Ventures team is focused on start-up businesses that are seeking venture capital investment and have proprietary technologies or innovative new business models in areas that will allow us to explore and develop new businesses.

We’ve already invested in some exciting enterprises that we believe have something important to offer in terms of new ideas and innovation.


A California-based startup developing a Linear Generator that offers businesses affordable and flexible onsite power that’s also reliable and clean. Based on research pioneered by its founders at Stanford University, the company has developed a novel and highly efficient gas generator that has a lower emissions profile than conventional power generation. It also has greater flexibility and is more cost effective than competing clean technologies.

LO3 Energy

An innovative start-up based in New York specialising in blockchain-based solutions for energy transactions and microgrids. LO3 is working to commercialise a new platform to enable peer-to-peer energy marketplaces, which we believe offer an opportunity to provide our customers with more flexibility and control over how they buy and use their energy.

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