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Making the energy market fairer for customers

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We’re committed to improving the UK energy market so that it is fairer, more competitive and gives customers a better deal. But we don’t think price controls will achieve this.

We think there’s a better solution. Rather than cap un-ending standard variable tariffs we should scrap them altogether. And we’re calling on the Government and Ofgem to help us reform the energy market by banning all contracts with no end date. We’re also calling for a fairer way to pay for cleaner power generation and energy efficiency by moving these costs out of the bill. This could cut the average energy bill by about £200 a year.

Find out more about our proposals to improve the UK energy market and help customers below.

A fairer and more sustainable energy market
Our full proposal


our Actions

  • We will unilaterally withdraw the Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) for new customers, aimed at increasing customer engagement
  • We will provide new offers to respond to customers’ changing needs
  • We will proactively offer customers a choice of fixed term tariffs at the end of their contract
  • We will introduce a new fixed term default tariff
  • We will engage customers on legacy Standard Variable Tariffs and offer them better deals
  • We will introduce simple no-nonsense bills for all our customers
  • We will drive further improvements in customer service and in our own efficiency
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Iain Conn Interview
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Read our papers to help inform the energy market debate.

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“We fully recognise that the UK energy market can and should be improved, but further price controls will only set this back.”
Iain Conn - Group Chief Executive
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