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Centrica launches new electric vehicle charging offer for businesses

Centrica Electric Vehicle Services has been established to give UK businesses access to the latest vehicle chargers for a fixed monthly sum.

It is estimated that 2.8 million charge posts will be required by 2030 to support the 5.6 million electric vehicles (EVs) driving to work daily. This growth will increase electricity consumption and early EV charging adopters will benefit from unconstrained grid conditions, meaning cheaper solutions with less delay. Research shows that drivers are more likely to charge their vehicle at work or at home (80% – 90%) and because 40% of UK homes don’t have off-street parking, workplace charge points will be essential to enabling electric mobility in the future.

electric vehicle home charger

Centrica’s charging solution is designed specifically for individual businesses and is installed with no upfront costs. Instead, businesses pay a low monthly payment and will own the charge points at the end of the contract period. The service includes software, an app, full aftercare and maintenance for the workplace and drivers. Centrica’s experienced engineering team has installed over 4,000 workplace chargers in the last five years and has a track record proving quality installation, maintenance and overall satisfaction from companies.

Employees with electric cars will benefit from a safe EV charging solution at their workplace, easy access via an individual user account with free app and web portal access, individual charger usage history and data access, and a complimentary customer service hotline.