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Centrica Electric Vehicle Services – an electric charging solution

Centrica’s mission is to ensure that all drivers have access to charging infrastructure at work to accelerate the electrification of mobility in the UK. 

Our charging solutions are installed with no upfront costs and can be rented for up to 5 years. We have already installed over 4,000 workplace chargers and have a proven track record of quality installation, maintenance and overall satisfaction.

For more information on our rental offer, contact us at electricvehicleservices@centrica.com

Why do businesses need an EV charging solution?

With 14 million electric vehicles (EVs) expected on UK roads by 2030, this growth will increase electricity consumption and early EV charging adopters will benefit from unconstrained grid conditions, meaning cheaper solutions with less delay.

It is estimated that 2.8 million charge posts will be needed by 2030 to support the 5.6 million electric vehicles driving to work every day. 

Benefit to drivers

We know that drivers are more likely to charge their vehicle at work or at home. Because 40% of UK homes don't have off-street parking, workplace charge points will be essential to enabling electric mobility in the future.

Helping your company embrace electric vehicles

Image: Centrica Electric Vehicle Services App

Our charging solution is designed specifically for your workplace. There are no upfront costs. Instead, businesses pay a low monthly fee and will own the charge points at the end of the contract period. The software and app are included in the price, as is full aftercare and maintenance for the workplace and drivers.

The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme ensures further cost reductions by offering £300 per socket for up to a maximum of 20 sockets per business. The software system is flexible and can be adjusted to reflect any future changes to the BIK tax rules. 

For more information please contact us at electricvehicleservices@centrica.com.