Our Graduates

Applying for one of our Graduate programmes? See what our grads, past and present, have to say about their experiences...


Shahid Makda

Joined: 2016

Stream: Analyst

Studied: Mathematics at King’s College London

Placements: Competitor Analyst in UKB (Leicester), Portfolio Performance Analyst in UKB (Leicester), Commercial Analyst in Connected Homes (London)

Why I chose Centrica: I was looking for a FTSE 100 company and gain experience and what better industry to start in than the Energy industry. I found that the Centrica values were very much in line with mine and I wanted the opportunity to make an impact and really grow as an individual.

What I enjoy most about my work: I really enjoy the responsibility and the diversity of work that I get to be involved in. I get to lead projects where the final outcome really makes an impact to the bottom line. I am trusted with high level work and various projects at the same time which allows me to keep engaged and stay motivated.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: The chance to present to the Managing Director of UKB. I did a good piece of analysis that gained a lot of recognition and it had worked its way up to the senior leadership team. This gave me very high level exposure and I was grateful for the opportunity to get my name out there...!

Advice to applicants: Be entirely honest through the application process and be aware of how well you align with the values. This is a company that really values personal development, a positive work environment and invests in to its employees. You are not expected to have any significant work experience but you can draw on your life experiences to show how you would be a good addition to the business.

Will Hammond

Joined: 2017

Stream: Analyst

Studied: Economics and Economic History at University of Edinburgh

Current Placement: UK Home Sales team on the Smart mandate (Staines)

Why I chose Centrica: I did a couple of courses at university on the energy industry and I found it stimulating due to the amount of change happening within the industry at the moment. Centrica offered the perfect option, being at the forefront of this industry whilst also offering the opportunities to develop myself both technically and professionally.

What I enjoy most about my work: The amount of responsibility given to me from the start, allowing me the chance to make a real impact and deliver value.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Working alongside great people every day!

Advice to applicants: Read about what is currently happening in the industry and where Centrica plays a role.

Hersh Patel

Joined: 2015

Stream: Analyst

Studied: Masters in Chemistry at UCL & University of Sydney

Placements: MI (Staines), Commercial Planning and Performance Analyst (Leicester), Commercial Analyst for start-ups (Leicester)

Why I chose Centrica: Centrica has a brilliant reputation as a Graduate Employer, and is a FTSE 25 company. It has a massive amount of complicated commercial and analytical work powering it, in so many diverse and unknown business areas! The sheer range of the business was enticing!

What I enjoy most about my work:  I enjoy the ability to shape and change the future of Centrica. I love working with my team and seeing the effects of my work resolve into increased business performance!

Highlight of the grad scheme: Building a start-up energy supply company!!

Since finishing the grad scheme: I now manage the Commercial & Reporting team in BG Lite, a start-up company in Centrica!

Advice to applicants: Centrica values ways of thinking and hiring the right people – we value individuality. Be positive, be creative and be yourself.

Analyst - Energy Marketing & Trading

Florian Forster

Joined: 2017

Stream: Analyst - Energy Marketing & Trading

Studied: Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester

Current role: Global LNG Operations, London

Why I chose Centrica: I already had some experience of the energy industry, having completed a year-long work placement in an oil refinery. So I was very interested in joining a big utility company that was in the process of adapting to the energy transition. What I especially like about Centrica is how serious the company is about the role it plays in society.

What I enjoy about my work: I love the how I need to approach my tasks from so many different angles, be it commercial, legal or technical. For instance, I need to interpret contracts to evaluate the deal correctly, use technical data to build a model and translate the model into a working program

Advice to applicants: Show your enthusiasm for the energy industry and the challenges it faces. Then, make sure you understand Centrica’s strategy to face those challenges and what we do to deliver low cost energy with minimum environmental impact.


Business Leadership

Meredith Fowler

Joined: 2017

Stream: Business Leadership

Studied: Human Geography BSc and Eco Cities MSc at Cardiff University

Current Placement: Operational Improvement Manager (Stockport)

Why I chose Centrica: I really wanted to work in the service industry as it feels worthwhile. There is also an immense opportunity doing the graduate scheme with Centrica, you get so much exposure to the entire company and you get the chance to meet and interact with senior leaders as well as engineers and contact centre agents, which gives you a great overview. Centrica as a company has an appealing unique set of values which shows the care taken not only on the reputation of the company but also the central focus on the customer.

What I enjoy most about my work: I mostly enjoy feeling my confidence grow as I meet new people and learn more about the business as a whole. In my placement at the moment I really love the interaction I get with the Dyno Franchisees- learning about the way that franchising works and how they each run their business.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Being given responsibilities right from the start of my first 8-month placement… and the grad ball was fun!

Advice to applicants: Be inquisitive about Centrica- there is so much going on in the business and so many interesting different areas and subsidiaries.

Jack Roberts

Joined: 2015

Stream: Business Leadership

Studied: European & International Law at University of Sheffield

Placements:   Project Delivery Manager for Credit & Collections (Manchester), Team Leader for UK Residential (Manchester), Programme Manager for UK Business Services(Rotherham)

Why I chose Centrica: It’s an international company with a thoroughly diverse range of brands and opportunities under it.

What I enjoy most about my work: I really appreciate the bandwidth you get to be creative, the responsibility, and most of all, the culture.

Highlight of the grad scheme: It has to be the breadth of roles and diversity of leaders you work with.

Since completing the grad scheme: In my role off the programme, I look after the relationship with and our strategy for our electricity and gas distributors in the UK.

Advice to applicants: I think you’ll hear this a lot, but in my opinion it’s genuinely the best of advice: be honest and authentic to who you are during applications. As you  don’t want a role in a company who’s culture and attitude is different than yours it’s important that you find the right match. Centrica is an excellent place to work (I promise they don’t pay me to say that) and to do your best in your application, focus your answers and behaviours around our values and take a moment to think about what they mean to you. Best of luck!

Commercial Marketing

Sophie Williams

Joined: 2015

Stream: Commercial Marketing

Studied: English Literature at Durham University

Placements: Marcomms [Marketing Communications] for British Gas (Staines), Assistant Marketing Manager for Local Heroes (London), Digital Comms for Centrica (Windsor)

Why I chose Centrica: I started as a Summer Placement intern in 2014, and enjoyed it so much I came back for the grad scheme! I also liked the fact that the grad scheme offered rotations, so I could try different areas of Marketing and work out what area I was best suited to.

What I enjoy most about my work: The variety of projects I've worked on over the last 2 years - from creating British Gas adverts for national newspapers to building the new careers pages on the website that you're looking at now!

Highlight of the Grad Scheme: The development days/workshops - for example, learning about my colour insights profile, the Living Leaders course and followership training at Sandhurst!

Advice to applicants: Preparation is key. The verbal/numerical reasoning tests may seem a bit daunting, but don't be put off! Do your research: speak to current grads (connect with them on LinkedIn) and understand what the company's goals and values are. And be nice to your fellow applicants at Assessment Centres - EVERYONE feels nervous on the day and it's much better to be collaborative than competitive!

Rob McConkey

Joined: 2017

Stream: Commercial Marketing

Studied: Economics at University of York

Placements: Summer placement in Digital Marketing at Dyno (Staines), Product Manager at Local Heroes (London)

Why I chose Centrica: I chose to apply to Centrica because of the wide variety of roles available to us

What I enjoy most about my work: At the moment I am really enjoying learning how an agile company functions and adapts to change

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Meeting and learning from all of my fellow grads has been great

Advice to applicants: Be positive!

Customer Insight

Juliet Booth

Joined: 2016

Stream: Customer Insight

Studied: Maths at Warwick University

Placements: Customer Value Management (CVM) Planner and Customer Insight Analyst, both in Staines.

Why I chose Centrica: There were two key things that appealed to me about Centrica. One was the idea of working for an organisation providing a commodity service that everyone needs. The other was the size of the business and therefore the range of development opportunities I knew Centrica would offer early on in my career. More specifically I applied to the Customer Insight programme, because at the time a mathematical-based degree was a requirement. This was very appealing to me because I knew I wanted maths to be part of my role, having studied it at university.

What I enjoy most about my work: I enjoy the blend between stakeholder management opportunities and the analysis I carry out by writing SQL code and using Microsoft Excel to manipulate data. I have a great balance between really getting to grips with our customer base through the analysis I carry out, which then supports important commercial decisions, and the time I spend meeting people across the business.  I never get stuck behind an Excel spreadsheet for a day at a time as I often have short meetings breaking up my day, yet my diary is never full, so I have enough time to investigate the stakeholder questions, and therefore provide confident results.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Spending a couple of days at Sandhurst Military academy to do Followership training with all the other graduates was a particular highlight for me as it was totally out of my comfort zone, but I felt I learnt so much about myself, and I really valued the feedback from my peers and team leader at the end of the session.

Advice to applicants:  Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% sure what direction you want to go in yet. This is totally normal and nothing to worry about. The Centrica programme allows you to try out very different roles, so you will have plenty of opportunities to find out more about what you would – and wouldn’t – like to do in terms of your long-term career.

Digital Technology Services

George Markou

Joined: 2015

Stream: Digital Technology Services

Studied: Business Computing at Brunel University

Placements: SAP Developer, Data Analyst and Solution Architect - all in Staines

Why I chose Centrica: I applied to Centrica due to the rotational aspect of the graduate scheme and the numerous possibilities available to learn and work with different elements of IT within an organization of this scale.

What I enjoy most about my work: I really enjoy working with people of different specializations and backgrounds as they always see things in different ways and approach problems from a different angle than I do. As I’m a person who always asks loads of questions, this has allowed me to learn so much more about the ins and outs of my team and the technical infrastructure of Centrica.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: The highlight of the grad scheme has got to be winning the Sandhurst graduate team day in the summer. My team and I worked so well together throughout the day and apparently we even broke a record for one of the team building games!

Advice to applicants: I think what is very key when applying is doing some good research on the company, sometimes just looking at the company website isn’t enough. Have a look at what is happening in the markets, what is the company up to? I believe going the extra mile in doing your homework will help you stand out in your applications and interviews.


Anjali Garg

Joined: 2017

Stream: Finance

Studied: Economics at Warwick University

Current Placement: Gas and LNG reporting (Windsor)

Why I chose Centrica: During university, I wanted to go into Finance but wasn’t sure which type of role I was best suited to, so the ability to rotate between 3 different areas of before choosing where to specialize drew me to the Centrica scheme. Furthermore, they support you in achieving either the ACCA, ACA or CIMA qualification, again giving you flexibility over where you would like your career in finance to go.

What you enjoy most about your work: The level of responsibility given! On top of the monthly reporting and analysis of our Gas and LNG trades, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with many ad-hoc projects and team tasks. For instance, managing relationships with the offshore teams to drive process improvements and being a key contact for auditor’s questions.

 Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Grad ball- and the other grads in general!

Advice to applicants: Be yourself in the interviews and honest about what you would like in your career! Finance tends to have a mixture of personalities and because the graduate scheme is rotational you don’t need to know yet exactly which area of finance you want to work in!

Leanne Hayward              

Joined: 2017

Stream: Finance

Studied: Accounting and Finance at Southampton University

Current Placement: Financial Planning and Analysis (Windsor)

Why I chose Centrica: Centrica gives me the opportunity to study towards my ACA qualification whilst gaining experience across various roles in Finance. Centrica also attracted me as it has a really supportive culture and values that are closely aligned to my own, I was assigned a buddy during my first week and the close network of graduates across all streams means you always have someone to talk to.

What I enjoy most about my work: The variety of projects that I am assigned – I have the responsibility for these from start to finish so I can  really make these my own. Also the team I work with are all very helpful and encouraging. I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of the graduate network at Centrica and getting to know people from various schemes.

Highlight of the graduate scheme so far: I’ve only been here a short time, but I am really enjoying the role I am in and the people I work with. In addition to this, I have also already assisted at a University Careers fair  and will be a facilitator at the Summer Placement Assessment Day– there is so much to get involved in outside of your role here at Centrica!

Advice to applicants: Ensure you really understand Centrica’s values before you apply – this helps you decide whether the company will be a good fit for you (and is one of the reasons I chose Centrica!). Also just relax and be yourself throughout the various assessments, everyone involved wants to see you succeed!


Tracy Lambert

Joined: 2015

Stream: Finance

Studied: Accounting and Finance at The University of Abertay in Dundee

Placements: EM&T Assistant Gas Accountant, UK Home Services Gross Margin Consolidation Analyst, Finance Business Partner at Local Heroes

Why I chose Centrica: Fully vertically integrated giving a wide variety of career options

What I enjoy most about my work: The people.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Too many to choose from!

Advice to applicants: Centrica are interested in the whole person so make sure you let them get to know you

Health, Safety, Environment & Security

Jo Bailey

Joined: 2016

Stream: HSES

Studied: Chemical Engineering at Swansea University

Placements: Process Safety in Distributed Energy & Power for ENER-G (Salford) , Technical safety & Projects – Exploration & Production (Aberdeen)

Why I chose Centrica: Their emphasis on process safety and after completing a year in industry with Centrica, I knew it was a great place to work with a range of development opportunities.

What I enjoy most about my work: No two days are the same due to the range of work that comes up for example: project verification and compliance support, technical notes on fire safety, requirements of safety critical equipment, spreading awareness of major accident hazards and how they can be controlled to name a few! 

Highlight of the grad scheme (so far): Getting to travel as well as work within an office environment (offshore platforms, supply vessels, gas terminals, power stations).

Advice to applicants: Be proactive with your development needs and get stuck in with a range of work (if you have the time to) – the experience you get will be invaluable and you’ll have a great network of people who will remember how you helped them out!


Human Resources

Mal Prasad

Joined: 2016

Stream: HR

Studied: Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Manchester

Placements: HR Advisor at British Gas (Manchester),  HR Manager (Windsor), Centrica Group Functions (Windsor)

Why I chose Centrica: I went along to an insight day organized by Centrica and I was really drawn to how passionate the people were and the development opportunities within the graduate programme

What I enjoy most about my work: Being able to collaborate with people from different areas of the business. I have also gained so much commercial awareness from working with people with varied expertise and experiences. 

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Difficult to just pick one highlight but it will have to be the various training opportunities that we get which brings together all the grads from different streams together. E.g. Insights and Sandhurst Leadership/Followership training.

Advice to applicants: Really think about what you are interested in developing personally and as a professional. And then see if this aligns to what the grad programme is offering. This will help you articulate your motivations and skillsets at all stages of the application process. You are not expected to be a subject matter expert already!


Tom Allen

Joined: 2016

Stream: HR

Studied: English Language and French, Cardiff University

Placements: HR Advisor for Customer Operations in Cardiff, HR Manager for Distributed Energy and Power & Energy, Marketing and Trading

Why I chose Centrica: The opportunity to work for a leading FTSE 100 company, with clear focus on development for Graduates and its employees.

What I enjoy most about my work:  The opportunity to lead on business critical projects, engaging with stakeholders across the globe

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Attending the Knowledge Sharing Session where we got to find out more about all the different streams.

Advice to applicants: Find out what a typical day looks like for someone working in the area you are applying for. This will help you to include some tangible examples in your application, showing you have done your research.


Bryony Clear Hill

Joined: 2017

Stream: Procurement

Studied: Geography at the University of Oxford

Current Placement: Risk - Procurement Operations (Windsor)

Why I chose Centrica: Centrica really invests in its graduates. In Procurement we undertake Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply exams which are fully funded including tuition; this is a great addition to your CV and is not offered by many graduate schemes. Also the rotational nature of the scheme offering the chance to work in different areas of procurement and possibly in different locations really appealed.

What I enjoy most about my work: My current role is in a team which supports the Procurement function globally. Within Procurement Operations, I sit in the Risk team - we assess the financial and ethical risk that suppliers bring into our business. I am leading a big piece of work on establishing the risks posed to the Procurement function by Brexit. I enjoy the fact that my work feels so relevant – my work on Brexit changes every day with changes in the state of negotiations so I have to stay up to date with the news. I work with people within Procurement, but also from Treasury, Tax and the Brexit team, developing my understanding of how Centrica works as a whole.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: In November I was able to attend a conference in London about the risks posed by Brexit to Supply Chains. I was the youngest person there by a long way and ended up sitting next to the Group Director of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. It was a fantastic opportunity to represent Centrica and to network with people with so much experience.

Advice to applicants: Go for it! The rotational nature of the graduate scheme is perfect even if you are not 100% sure of exactly where you would like to end up, as you have an opportunity to try out different roles and build a diverse portfolio.


Katharine Sparks

Joined: 2015

Stream: Procurement

Studied: Economics at Exeter University

Placements: Exploration & Production (Aberdeen), Customer Operations (Staines), Connected Homes (London)

Why I chose Centrica: The opportunity to move around a diverse business with varied placements. I was also drawn to the welcoming culture even from the first interview.

What I enjoy most about my work: I love that I get to work on projects all over the business and meet a really wide mix of stakeholders. Every new project is an interesting insight into another part of the business and it’s a sure fire way to learn fast!

Highlight of the grad scheme: I love meeting our suppliers and understanding how they deliver value to Centrica.

Since completing the grad scheme: I enjoyed my final placement so much that I moved into a permanent role in London with the Connected Homes Procurement team. I’ve taken on responsibility for our supply chain and logistics category, looking after packaging, distribution and warehousing.

Advice to applicants: It’s a cliché but be yourself. The application process is friendly and designed to bring out the best in you. Relax, be yourself and try to enjoy it!