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Power Generation

Our Power Generation business plays a key role in helping Centrica achieve its vision to be the leading integrated energy company. We are focused on being a world class operator of Power Generation assets with a relentless focus on safety.


Our portfolio of on and offshore wind farms is capable of producing enough electricity to meet the needs of over 400,000 homes.

Our 270MW Lincs offshore wind farm achieved first power in 2012 and became fully operational in September 2013.

Centrica Windfarm

Gas-fired Generation

We own a fleet of gas-fired power stations across the UK. The latest, completed in 2010, is at Langage in Devon. Rated at 895MW, it is one of the most efficient generators of its type in the world. In addition we have long-term contracts with two other gas-fired power stations: Spalding in Lincolnshire and Rijnmond 2 in The Netherlands. These are owned and managed by an independent company, but Centrica Energy supplies their gas and takes up to 100% of their power output.

Centrica Engineer

Nuclear Generation

In 2009 we completed a deal with EDF to acquire a 20% equity interest in EDF Energy Nuclear Generation, the operator of eight existing nuclear power stations in the UK. Moving into nuclear power was a strategic decision to reduce the company's exposure to volatile gas market prices and to ensure reliable baseload power around the clock. The joint venture raised the total amount of electricity produced from our own power assets from 60% to 85%. 

Our Generation Safe programme was introduced in 2012 to ensure that safety is part of the blueprint of all operations. It is founded on a set of principles exploring how people behave, the choices they make and their collective approach to safety.

At its heart is a ‘one team’ approach where honest conversations, trust and responsibility underpin relationships with staff and contract partners, driving deep-rooted cultural change by engaging hearts and minds.

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