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Centrica Energy's midstream business operates in the UK and European energy markets, trading in energy produced both inside and outside the business, and also supplies British Gas with electricity and gas.

The midstream team is both the trading arm of Centrica Energy, trading gas, power and related commodities, and provides the route to market for our upstream and power generation operations, as well as our downstream business; when British Gas wants to make a trade, our midstream team execute the transaction in the open market at the market price.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

The gas market is becoming increasingly global. We are diversifying our sources of gas, and an area of focus for the business in recent years has been to grow our presence in LNG imports. Shipping LNG – where the gas is cooled to minus 161 degrees Celsius to liquid form, at 1/600 of its original volume, for ease of transport – is an ever more important part of how Centrica is working to secure the UK's energy needs.

As our Midstream business continues to grow, we're creating exceptional opportunities for everyone who is part of our story.

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