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Deliver insights that keep customers at the core of our business and help us to meet their needs

Who are our customers? How do they behave? What products are they interested in? What do they think about us? These are some of the questions our insight team help to answer, as they use advanced analytics and market research techniques to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and behaviours. The insights they deliver have a major influence on our decisions, and help keep the people behind our 28 million customer accounts at the very core of our business.

As an insight graduate, you’ll gain varied experience of this large, commercial team while developing the broad skills you need to potentially become one of its leaders. There will be opportunities for you to develop expertise across a range of areas, from SQL and propensity modelling to project management.

Programme information

Duration: 2 years and 3 months (1 x 11-month placement, 2 x 8-month placements)

Locations: Staines

Starting salary: £27,000 plus £3,000 starting bonus

Minimum requirements: 2:1 degree (2:2 if combined with Master’s)

"I have a great balance between really getting to grips with our customer base through the analysis I carry out, which then supports important commercial decisions, and the time I spend meeting people across the business."

Juliet Booth, 2016 Customer Insights Graduate

Meet our Graduates

"The graduate scheme has been a fantastic opportunity to experience all aspects of this, helping to develop my analytical, coding, commercial awareness, project and stakeholder management skills.”

Adam Parrish, Insight Graduate


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