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North America and Trinidad & Tobago

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North America and Trinidad Tobago

National Distribution Centre
Onshore Terminal
Offshore Platform
Gas Assets
Wind Farm
Power Station
Training Academy
Centrica Canada Exploration & Production office, Calgary, Alberta
Centrica Foothills Field Office, Alberta
Centrica Hanlan-Robb Field Office, Alberta
Centrica North Field Office, Alberta
Direct Energy Office, Atria, Toronto, Ontario
Direct Energy Office, Calgary, Alberta
Direct Energy Office,Toronto, Ontario
Centrica Peace River Arch Field Office, British Columbia
Centrica South Field Office, Alberta
Direct Energy Head office, Houston, Texas
Direct Energy Office, Columbus, Ohio
Direct Energy Office, Edmonton, Alberta
Direct Energy Office, Metropark, New Jersey
Direct Energy Office, Phoenix, Arizona
Direct Energy Office, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Direct Energy Office, Sarasota, Florida
Direct Energy Office, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Centrica Panoramic Power office, New York
Trinidad Tobago
Centrica NCMA-1, TT
Centrica Trinidad Tobago Exploration & Production office, Port of Spain