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Centrica Storage logoCentrica Storage Limited announces the cessation of storage operations at Rough.


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More information on the closure of the Rough gas storage facility.

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About the Rough Gas Storage facility

Our Rough gas storage facility is the largest in the UK, able to meet approximately 10% of the UK's winter peak day demand and representing more than 70% of the UK's current storage capacity.

We have two key priorities:

  • To maintain the highest possible health, safety and environmental standards in our operations, offshore and onshore.

  • To provide a flexible and reliable service to our customers

Latest operational update on Rough

We operate Rough, the largest gas storage facility in the UK 24/7, storing natural gas for our customers which include utilities companies, gas traders and gas producers. The UK needs gas storage as it can currently only store 6% of its annual gas consumption. This compares to France which can store 25% and Germanys 26%. Britain has not needed as much gas storage in the past because of the ample gas supplies from the North Sea, however those supplies are depleting, making the country more dependent on gas imports.

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Gas from the Rough field to Easington gas terminal

The Rough field is situated in the Southern North Sea, 18 miles off the coast of East Yorkshire. We have two offshore installation hubs called 3B and 8A where gas is injected and extracted through up to 30 wells, which have been drilled through the platforms down into the reservoir thousands of feet below the seabed.

Gas is extracted as a vapour offshore, before being sent via a 91cm (36inch) diameter subsea pipeline to the Easington gas terminal where the gas undergoes several separation processes. Before being sent into the National Transmission System (NTS), which is used to transport the gas throughout the UK before it reaches people homes.

At the Easington gas terminal, Centrica Storage also processes and ships gas from Centrica Energy’s York gas field, located just a few miles from Rough. In 2011/12, the Easington terminal underwent a multi-million pound upgrade to prepare it for receiving gas from the York field. York gas flowed into the terminal in March 2013, where it was processed and shipped into NTS. The success of this operation has paved the way for further collaboration between Centrica Storage and other potential Southern North Sea gas operators looking to send their gas onshore.

Around 350 staff and contractors are employed within the operation, both onshore and offshore.


Greg McKenna

Greg McKenna

Managing Director, Centrica Storage Limited

Greg McKenna became Managing Director at CSL in February 2015.

Skills and experience: Before joining CSL Greg was Director of Non-Operated Assets UK & Netherlands for Exploration and Production within Centrica Energy (CE) where he was responsible for a diverse range of non-operated oil and gas assets both onshore and offshore, including the management of large non-operated capex projects and shale.

Greg started with Centrica in 2009 as Commercial Director for CE Upstream, joining from Venture where he was head of the Supply Chain. In 2011 Greg became Regional Director for Southern North Sea.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, Greg has worked extensively on the bidding, setting up and negotiation of major international projects and played a key role in a number of innovative client/contractor relationships. He holds a degree from Aberdeen and an MBA with distinction from Durham.

Centrica Storage Limited (CSL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centrica plc. It is legally, financially and physically separate from all other Centrica businesses because it deals with potential competitors to Centrica, because of this it must be seen to and physically act independently from Centrica. This separation arrangement is enshrined in law and detailed in an agreement called “the Undertakings”, this agreement was given by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in 2003 and was further revised in March 2012.

It is extremely important that CSL and, or Centrica do not breach these undertaking as the consequences of any breach could result in extremely large financial fines and even legal prosecution.

Visit www.centrica-sl.co.uk

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