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We are an energy and services company.

Everything we do is focused on satisfying the changing needs of our customers. 

Our values focus on five key areas:

Prioritising safety

Health and safety are fundamental to our business.  They span everything we do, from working in customers’ homes to securing energy offshore.  By minimising hazards, we can keep our people, customers and communities safe and work more efficiently.

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Supporting changing customer needs

Energy can be complex but we are making it easier to understand and control, while ensuring support for those most in need.

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Securing energy to fuel society

The world of energy is changing and we must adapt to it by sourcing and optimising energy supplies that satisfy the changing needs of our customers, while minimising negative social and environmental impacts. 

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Safeguarding the environment

Fossil fuels contribute to climate change so we are helping customers reduce their carbon while driving down emissions across our business. 

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Supporting our people and partners

Quality relationships with our people and partners helps evolve how we do business and determine our long-term success.

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Our values, Business Principles and commitment to employees underpin our Strategy and allows us to focus on satisfying the changing needs of our customers. 

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