Meet Net Zero Heroes, our UK Hospitals

Saving energy and saving lives

Hospitals play a vital role in our communities. They’re at the frontline of patient care and, as such, sustainability and efficiency are key considerations.

Hospitals across the UK are exploring ways in which they can improve efficiencies and meet ambitious sustainability targets – while still continuing to provide healthcare and treat patients.

We've worked with over 90 hospitals, helping them to improve their sustainability and reduce their costs by transforming ageing energy infrastructure.

This includes installing combined heat and power units (CHP) to help turn excess heat into energy and reduce reliance on the grid, replacing light bulbs with LEDs, and adding in state of the art energy systems.

This work has helped each hospital improve their energy efficiency, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions to support the drive towards net zero. And, it's resulted in significant savings that can be channelled back into what matters most – patient care.

Here are just a few of the hospitals transforming their energy systems – and helping the UK on the road to net zero:

From our work with hospitals across the UK, we've calculated that if 50% of NHS England used LED lights, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and smart energy units, a massive annual saving of £130 million could be freed up for patient care.

This is a massive opportunity, and we’ve opened our new CHP factory in 2018 to help even more organisations improve their energy efficiency.

The next ten years will be crucial if we are to reach net zero and truly tackle climate change. Find out more about the Centrica Business Solutions team and the work they’re doing to help businesses change the way they use energy.

"Sustainable healthcare will help our budgets stretch further and the savings from this programme, alongside the reduction in our carbon emissions, are invaluable."

- David Furnival, Group Director of Estates and Facilities, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust