Meet Net
Zero Hero, Jag

Taking control of his family’s energy to cut their carbon footprint

Meet Jag, a busy father of two and all-round Net Zero Hero. After getting a smart meter installed, he was inspired to cut down his energy usage even further. With solar panels, LED lights, and Hive, he’s not only reducing his bills – he’s reducing his carbon footprint too.

Jag’s smart meter opened up a whole new world of energy-saving possibilities for his family. Seeing exactly how much energy his home was using gave him the motivation to change the way his family used energy – and get some of his friends following suit too.

His first step was looking at solar panels – a way to generate more green electricity, essentially for free. With solar panels on his roof, he’s now harnessing the Leeds sunshine to produce sustainable power at home – meaning greener energy and lower bills.

Next, he looked at reducing the amount of energy his family were using – starting by upgrading to LED bulbs throughout his house. LEDs use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. With over 1,000 Watts of bulbs in just his main living area, Jag saw an immediate saving – on both his energy and bills.

Finally, Jag installed Hive’s smart products throughout his home: not only are his lights more efficient, he can now control them at the click of a button. He’s also using Hive to manage his heating, lighting, plugs and more straight from his smartphone so that he can stay on top of his energy usage.

Since getting a smart meter, Jag has been a passionate advocate for LED lighting and is always on the lookout for new ways to cut his energy usage. With more control over his home’s carbon footprint, he and his family are supporting the drive to net zero every single day.

“My family are reducing their carbon footprint, which is good for me and good for the world.”

– Jag, Net Zero Hero  

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our society today. We’re in homes, businesses and communities every day, helping people change how they use energy.

Our customers have taken control of their energy with intelligent devices like our smart meters and Hive products – in just over a decade, they’ve saved the equivalent of the annual emissions of 11 million homes.

We’ve installed over 6 million smart meters in homes across the UK, more than any other supplier. More than two-thirds of customers would recommend them to others, spreading the message about how smart meters have given them a better understanding of their energy use – which in turn can help them to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

Together, we’re making a real impact – but we need to go even further. The next ten years will be critical.

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