7 technologies
putting power in consumers' hands

The centre of power is shifting in the energy industry. It’s moving away from big, centralised generators and utility giants, and into the hands of the consumer. Whether you are a domestic customer or a business, new technologies are letting you decide how and when you use energy, and where you get it from. You can even generate, store and sell energy yourself.

Improvements in renewable technologies have made solar panels, wind generators and heat pumps more affordable and cost-effective. Batteries are getting bigger and cheaper all the time. The Cloud is giving greater access to powerful data processing and machine learning. Greater connectivity and the expansion of the Internet of Things mean individual devices can be controlled remotely.

All of this combines to give an unprecedented level of control to the consumer. Whether your priority is energy efficiency, saving money, or reducing your carbon footprint, you can tailor your energy use precisely.

These are the seven technologies making the biggest difference.