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Summer programme FAQs

We have summer placement roles available nationwide. You will be placed in a role which is suitable for your strengths and will give you the opportunity to work on your development areas. Therefore flexibility is essential. Accommodation will be arranged and provided by Centrica for the duration of your placement with us.

As soon as you join, a buddy will be assigned to you from a previous Summer placement year or a graduate from our current intake. They will be on hand to give you advice based on their experiences, so you make a smooth transition into Centrica.

A Graduate Talent Manager assigned to your area of business will be responsible for overseeing your performance and development while you are on your placement. He or she will call you to welcome you to Centrica soon after you join and you will meet in person soon after joining.

Your line manager will be your first point of contact in your placement. He or she will call you before you join to welcome you to the area of business and discuss the role with you.

The Central Graduate Team will be on hand to give you any further support you need during your ten weeks with us.

The Summer placement programme will start with a networking event on Monday 16th June 2014 and will finish on Friday 22nd August 2014.

We will be offering around 75 students the opportunity to work within Centrica over the summer in roles including in the areas of: Analyst, Customer Operations, HR, Marketing & Insight, Finance, Information Systems, Procurement and Supply Chain, Subsurface and Engineering.

The Summer placement programme is aimed at students who'll be starting their final year after the placement and are on target to get a 2:1. However, final year students and graduates who have achieved a 2:1 or a Masters (minimum 2:2) are also allowed to apply for the programme.

Please could you enter your expected degree result based on your current grades.

Centrica looks for self-starters who are assertive, hard-working and ambitious. Being a team player is very important, but you also have to be independent at the same time. You need to have the ability to challenge colleagues respectfully, and not be afraid of the hierarchy.

You will be given a valuable piece of work by your line manager, which you will be responsible for completing. This is dependent on the department in which you are placed. It is designed to stretch and challenge you and it will have an impact on the business.

Previous students have had the opportunity to attend and provide input on meetings with senior managers about projects implemented in the business. They are always surprised at the amount of responsibility and ownership they are given.

Being able to use Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel would benefit you as these are used frequently in the workplace, regardless of the department you are in. Engineering summer placement students will require a full driving licence.

Depending on your placement, you may be able to visit a number of different sites. The previous Summer placement students placed in British Gas visited the main call centres in Leicester, Oxford, Leeds and Cardiff, or even spent a day with the engineers visiting customers' homes. Those placed with Centrica Energy have visited power stations. Summer placement students are encouraged to arrange a 'job shadow' for the day to understand another area of the business and to make career choices.

On your first day, you will be invited to attend an Induction Event at our headquarters in Windsor where you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow students, before you disperse the following day to your various locations around the country.

The aim of the Induction Event is to prepare you for your 10 week placement by giving you a further insight into Centrica, our brands and what it's like to work here. You will get to meet the Graduate Talent Manager for your stream, the central Graduate Team and previous Summer Placement students who can tell you all about their own experiences. You will be given tips on how to make the most of your placements as well as hearing more of the opportunities available for you to get involved.

Centrica is flexible in the hours you can work. Generally, you work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, with a lunch break. You are contracted to work 37 hours a week. You are given the responsibility to arrange your day how you see fit as long as the work gets done. You will, of course, need to keep your line manager informed of your working hours.

Students are expected to wear normal business dress, but certain offices are more casual than others, and some allow smart casual wear.

Yes, you are entitled to five days' holiday in your 10-week placement. You'll need to ensure that you arrange in advance with your line manager when you intend to take leave and make sure that you avoid the key dates of the summer placement. Any leave not taken will be paid to you at the end of your placement.

In total, for the ten weeks, you will earn £14,000 pro rata, with payment on the 15th of each month. You'll be paid two weeks in arrears and two weeks in advance.

At the end of the summer placement, the graduate team will conduct calibration sessions with all relevant line managers and graduate talent managers to confirm which Summer Placement students will be recommended in favour of stream specific graduate programmes the following year. In most cases the decision will be made on the day of calibration with concluding results communicated to the students on the final day of placement. However in some cases where students have requested a change in stream talent boards may wish to hold additional face to face interviews to make their definitive determination, these may take place after the programme has ended depending on the availability of the business. Recommendations will be based on: Combination of completed project work and or objectives achieved, demonstration of leadership behaviours and measures of potential, final week presentation event based on portfolio of work. Contracts for those offered should be expected around the middle of October.

Generally post summer placement graduate job offers are made for the following year after you complete the summer placement. However, there have been occasions where opportunities have arisen to join a graduate programme immediately after finishing the summer placement programme but this is very rare.

Some placement line managers are able to offer extended contracts after the Summer placement programme extends but this is down to line manager discretion and not managed by the graduate recruitment team.

At present, we do not offer summer placements within our legal team.

At present, we only offer undergraduates (and a few graduates) the opportunity to experience working at Centrica during their summer breaks or through the EDT's YINI (Year In Industry) programme – If you would like to be considered for this please visit

Our application form has been designed to allow you to give us more in-depth information and examples of when you've been able to demonstrate one of our leadership behaviours. Unfortunately, we would be unable to extract the same information from a CV.

The application system will automatically send a number of emails after the date you initially register to remind you to complete your application (after 2 days, 5 days and a final email 28 days after you initially registered to inform you that your application has been withdrawn). These emails are sent out based on when you registered, as opposed to when you last logged into your account, so please try to complete your application within 28 days of initially registering.

If you receive notification to advise you that your application has been withdrawn, please reply to the email and ask for your application to be reactivated (as long as the programme that you are applying for is still open) and the team will reinstate your application and you continue where you left the application.

Centrica takes the protection of our customers, our people, our brand and their data / assets very seriously. The principals underpinning our pre-employment checking process are that in making recruitment decisions we do our utmost to:

  • Ensure our customers, our people and the public are safe from and not caused harm by our employees
  • Protect our customers’ (and our people’s) assets from theft or misuse by our employees
  • Protect the company’s assets from the same
  • Protect the Centrica / British Gas reputation and brand

The checks conducted will vary depending on the role you've been recruited for. In all cases we will check your right to work in the UK. In addition we will conduct credit history, 3 or 5 year employer references, criminal record, qualification and education checks as appropriate. In some limited cases we may do FSA and Director checks.

Where it's deemed appropriate to the role you've applied for, we will obtain a Basic Disclosure Check. In a limited number of cases a higher level of check may be conducted but where this is the case it will be stated in advance. The Basic Disclosure Check will confirm to us any convictions (including road traffic offences) not considered spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Yes. When asked you should declare any unspent convictions (no matter how irrelevant you may feel they are) on your application or at the earliest opportunity. If you fail to self declare and a conviction is brought to our notice via the check, we may view this as an attempt to conceal the offence from us.

It is your responsibility to know if any offence you've committed is spent or not. If you're unsure you should seek guidance from the issuing authority. Please note that this will include road traffic offences.

No. Not all roles within Centrica require a criminal record check. Where the role does require the check, some of the factors we would take into consideration are:

  • The nature of the offence(s)
  • The role you have applied for
  • Were the offence(s) fully and openly declared to us in advance or did we only become aware as a result of the disclosure check
  • Does the disclosure show more than one offence committed over a period of time
  • Would the penalty imposed in relation to the offence(s), negatively impact on your ability to carry out the duties of the role

Having fully considered the matter we will take a realistic view as to whether or not the offence committed impacts on our ability to employ you in the role.

The standard credit check conducted by Centrica looks for any bankruptcies, county court judgements, sheriff court decrees, individual voluntary arrangements and trust deeds registered in your name.

Yes. When asked you should declare any bankruptcies, county court judgements, sheriff court decrees, individual voluntary arrangements or trust deeds on your application or at the earliest opportunity. If you fail to self declare and an issue is brought to our notice via the check, we may view this as an attempt to conceal it from us.

No. Not all roles within Centrica require a credit check. Where the role does require the check we will take a realistic view as to whether your adverse credit report in its entirety, fits within what we consider to be an acceptable limit.

Adjustments for visual impairments, non-native English speakers and other conditions affecting reading speed

Our assessments are fully compliant with screen readers and refreshable Braille. All pages within the assessments are re-sizable and can be switched to high-contrast colours. You can adjust the web pages through your browser (press the Ctrl key while resizing with the up & down cursor keys or your mouse wheel) or click on the Accessibility icon for a menu of different sizes and colours.

The personality questionnaire requires no further adjustment because it is not timed - it will therefore not impact adversely on candidates whose reading speed is potentially affected by visual impairment, language issues or conditions such as a dyslexia.

The ability tests, while timed, do not require further adjustment. The time limits are deliberately generous to avoid adverse impact on those candidates whose reading speed is potentially affected by visual impairment, language issues or conditions such as a dyslexia. The verbal test contains business English and does not require culture-specific knowledge. The numerical test keeps verbal information to a minimum to prevent scores being contaminated by reading speed. However, if you are still concerned then please do let us know.

If you believe you have a condition that may affect your application you need to bring this to our attention during the application process so we can combine this information along with all the other information we gather from you during the process, including the assessment results.

We would strongly advise that you look through our website to understand the range of opportunities that we have available to ensure that you make an informed application. However, the Summer placement programme is designed for you to be able to understand a bit more about our graduate roles so that if you are successful, you can apply for any of the graduate programmes that you are eligible for.

We can only accept one application per person per academic year for both the graduate and Summer placement programmes. If you have been unsuccessful in applying for a programme, we will be unable to accept another application form in the same academic year.

If something interrupts your completion of the timed part of the online assessment you can request a test-reset. This will wind your score and the timer back to zero so you can start again. You will be asked to provide a reason for the reset request and we may choose to verify your final test score to make sure it is a fair and accurate measurement of your ability.

Unfortunately we cannot give detailed information about the way in which the online assessments are scored. We advise you to work quickly but accurately and never to simply guess an answer. If you are unsure you should give the answer you think is best.

We strongly recommend that you make an informed application for the programme that best suits your aspirations. If you have a strong desire to change the programme, please let us know.

As we run continuous assessment centres from the beginning of the recruitment campaign, places do fill quickly and offers are made throughout the process. If your first choice programme has filled, you will be informed that your application will not be processed any further for that programme. However, you will be given the opportunity to transfer your application to another programme and the stage at which your application is in the recruitment process will be honoured.

We will pay for you to move to your placement location and you are paid a salary and provided with free accommodation for the duration of the placement. Commuting costs and transport arrangements are your own responsibility. We will be happy for you to source your own accommodation if you choose to but please note that no extra financial assistance will be provided. Please let the graduate team know as soon as possible if you do not require the accommodation provided by Centrica.

Lunch is provided when you attend induction and any graduate team offsite events but otherwise it is your responsibility to provide your own lunch and all other meals. Typically your accommodation is self catered but where self catering facilities are not available, provisions will be made.

Please note that internet access is not provided at all accommodation sites and you may need to fund this yourself. Details will be available from your accommodation reception.

There are three key stages in our application process

  • Online application
  • Phone interview
  • Assessment centre