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Where are they now?

Martin Bevan

Martin Bevan

2002 Graduate
Management, Loughborough University

What attracted you to applying to Centrica?

At the time Centrica had a large number of retail brands, eg. British Gas, The AA and Goldfish which offered a large amount of opportunities. We still have the same amount of opportunities today but more concentrated in the energy market.

Which university/course did you attend?

Loughborough University, BSc Business Economics and Finance and MSc Management

A brief career summary

After completing my Graduate placements I've moved across multiple facets of the business including Operations, IS, Channel Development, Online, Dyno and Marketing. Today I'm still in Marketing specifically working in the propositions team. My main responsibility is leading all of British Gas' acquisition activity across our major businesses. This involves day to day tactical, reactive, activity to longer term, proactive, strategic objectives. Propositions sits in the heart of everything we do as a business and it's our responsibility to deliver customer need driven products and offers to the market whilst driving value for the business.

What has been your biggest challenge?

To use a cliché sometimes it's like "herding cats" as my area of responsibility has multiple stakeholders all with different agendas or objectives. The biggest challenge is pulling it all together and delivering a solution that suits all. Creating a network across the business and understand all the areas of business, as well as all our acronyms, is crucial for achieving this! Don't underestimate how useful it is to have contacts in all areas of the business, not only will it help you but other people will come to rely on your knowledge as well.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Delivering our 2010 Energy price rise in 6 weeks with no leaks to the press or negative customer impact on the business. Previously, the quickest we've ever delivered a price event was 8 weeks and usually we see significant impacts to sales as well as customers leaving us. The project was highlighted to our American businesses as the "how to" of price events as well as setting the bench mark for future British Gas price events. (as well as being used on a our marketing material, see photo!)

What would be your best tip for a new graduate in the organisation?

Take your time to find the right area of the business for you and get as broader experience as you can. Centrica is a big enough organisation to enable you to try many things, which gives you the opportunity to understand what interests you the most as well as where your key strengths lie. You'll spend your whole life working so don't worry if you don't find your area of expertise straight away or progress as quickly as you'd like to. You have a life of time to forge your career in the direction you want to take it. Marketing is what suited me but that's not to say that's where I'll end up even now.