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Bobby Daswani

Bobby Daswani

Project Engineer

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
William James

What attracted you to applying to Centrica?

Centrica was a relatively young upstream gas company but was embarking on significant inroads in developing its upstream oil and gas department Centrica Energy. This provided several opportunities for exposure that I would not have had in other oil and gas companies. It also offers a great deal of variety being an operator of gas assets while also having a commercial focus in the gas industry too.

Which university/course did you attend?

I did a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering at UCL (University College London).

A brief career summary

In 2006 I joined the graduate programme and worked as a graduate in the following business sectors:

  • Process Engineer at Centrica Energy Upstream, EIS Heysham/Barrow:
    Where I used my background knowledge and skills in process/chemical engineering to real life situations. Particularly in P&ID reviews and developing data sheets and attending HAZOP/HAZID sessions.

  • Project Engineer at Centrica Energy Upstream, EIS Heysham/Barrow:
    Here I had my first experience of the challenges and experiences of project engineering, by being responsible for managing a lean solvent cooler project, from design to installation and commissioning. This was particularly demanding as I had to ensure that the project met budget and schedule targets as it was a project done by Centrica for our client ConocoPhillips.

  • Development Engineer at Centrica Energy Upstream, Windsor Head Office:
    Gained experience in applying HYSYS and other software simulations to the East Irish Sea assets (EIS). This involved modelling compressors and carrying out optimisation studies for future field developments. I also carried out production forecast measurements and field performance monitoring.

  • Reservoir Engineer at Centrica Energy Upstream, Windsor Head Office:
    I decided I wanted to gain a understanding of reservoir engineering and how it integrated into the business technically and strategically. During my time in the reservoir engineering department I utilised ECLIPSE and PROSPER Models to carry out well and reservoir modelling to extend field life of certain ageing gas reservoirs.

Following on from the graduate scheme I took a role as a project engineer on offshore gas projects. I took this role as I found project engineering and asset development to be the most exciting and challenging, ultimately rewarding role while at Centrica.

It also provided the most opportunities to me for a varied work scope and a future with travel potential.

  • In Sep 2008 I began to work on a new exciting venture that Centrica was undertaking, the upgrading and expansion of the Grove platform facilities, which were recently acquired by Centrica following their takeover of Newfield UK. This project represented Centrica’s initial steps in its aspirations to being a major developer of developing and securing North Sea Gas Assets.

  • Following on from the Grove Project I have joined the York Project Development team. This project involves a brand new facility that I have been involved in from Selection to Implementation phase. I have worked closely with several major oil and gas contractors and been based in London, Holborn with the Engineering Contractor, Genesis. This experience has provided me with valuable knowledge and experience of taking a project from the ‘drawing board’ to the fabrication yard.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Managing interface and relationships in a multidisciplinary environment as the client representative, while offshore on a jack up rig overseeing the commissioning, start up and hand over of the Grove NUI Platform.

What has been your biggest achievement?

During 2009 while on the Grove Project: Making a valuable contribution and being part of the team that delivered a challenging project on schedule and to budget, that signified Centrica’s initial steps in securing and developing UK North Sea gas assets.

What would be your best tip for a new graduate in the organisation?

Success and failure are both self-fulfilling prophecies. Look for opportunities & challenges by taking advantage of the variety open to you. Tailor your career to help you stand out and meet your aspirations.