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Gas-fired power stations

In 2011 Centrica Energy marked a decade of power generation ownership, having acquired a stake in our first Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station in 2001.

Centrica Energy owns and operates six gas-fired power stations in England and Wales, with a combined output of 3.7GW. These stations form the backbone of our generation strategy. The company also owns the King's Lynn and Roosecote power stations which were closed in 2012 due to market conditions.

In addition we have long-term contracts with two other gas-fired power stations: Spalding in Lincolnshire and Rijnmond 2 in The Netherlands. These are owned and managed by an independent company, but Centrica Energy supplies their gas and takes up to 100% of their power output.

As the term 'Combined Cycle' suggests, electricity is generated at two stages. Electricity is generated at the first stage using a gas-fired turbine, which creates a great deal of heat. This is used at the second stage to heat water into steam to drive a second turbine, generating additional electricity and making the process more efficient.

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