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Centrica Energy

We are an international business operating in the UK, Europe, North America, and Trinidad and Tobago. We produce and deliver a mix of gas and oil; trade energy and generate power for millions of homes.

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Wind turbines

Exploration and Production

Our Exploration and Production business is one of the leading producers of gas on the UK Continental Shelf with a significant operating portfolio internationally, including Norway and Canada.
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Power Generation

We operate a fleet of gas fired power stations, are one of the UK's leading offshore wind operator and we have a 20% equity interest in EDF Energy's eight nuclear power stations in the UK.
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Trading and Optimisation

We trade in oil and gas, and power (and other energy related products) to ensure we meet the energy needs of our customers.
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Centrica Fuel Mix Disclosure for the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014

  Centrica UK Average
Energy Source    
Coal 22% 34%
Natural Gas 31% 25.6%
Nuclear 31% 21.6%
Renewables 15% 16.7%
Other Fuels 3% 2.1%
CO2 Emissions 339 g/kWh 428 g/kWh
High-level radioactive waste 0.0024 g/kWh 0.0017 g/kWh

Centrica figures have been rounded up to nearest whole percent so may not equal 100%.

Mark Hanafin

Mark Hanafin
Managing Director, International Upstream

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Mark Hanafin – Managing Director, International Upstream

Mark was appointed to the Board on 14 July 2008.

Skills and experience: Mark has excellent midstream and trading credentials as well as a strong track record in developing supply and marketing businesses. Before joining Centrica, Mark spent 21 years with Royal Dutch Shell, most recently as CEO of Shell Energy North America in Houston. Prior to joining Shell, he worked for General Electric Company (GEC) having qualified as a chartered engineer.

External appointments: Non-executive director of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Group Limited.

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International Upstream

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