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Annual Report and Accounts 2014

Energy for a
changing world

Centrica is deeply conscious of the cost-of-living challenge facing many of our customers. We remain focused on innovation as a way of helping our customers.”

Rick Haythornthwaite

Our Operating Environment

Our operations cover all elements of the energy value chain, from sourcing to supplying and saving it. We participate in the international energy markets with customers across the UK, North America and the Republic of Ireland.

Year in review


Despite the current challenges, I am convinced that
the Group is well placed to build on its existing strengths
and be able to compete and contribute materially
in global energy markets.”

Iain Conn
Chief Executive

Group results

Adjusted operating profit


Adjusted basic earnings
per share


Dividend per share



Following the publication of FRS 100 ‘Application of Financial Reporting Requirements’ by the Financial Reporting Council, Centrica plc is required to change its accounting framework for its company financial statements, which is currently UK GAAP, for its financial year commencing 1 January 2015. The Board considers that it is in the best interests of the Group for Centrica plc to adopt FRS 101 ‘Reduced Disclosure Framework’. No disclosures in the current UK GAAP financial statements would be omitted on adoption of FRS 101. A shareholder or shareholders holding in aggregate 5% or more of the total allotted shares in Centrica plc may serve objections to the use of the disclosure exemptions on Centrica plc, in writing, to its registered office (Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5GD) no later than 30 September 2015.

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