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Leadership development at Centrica

14 August 2012

Posted by CR updates

Our leadership development programme, SpringBoard, is designed to accelerate the leadership qualities of employees who have potential to grow within the business. The programme prepares the next generation of Centrica business leaders, enabling them to inspire others, take the bold decisions we need to meet our business aims and develop their teams’ skills and expertise.

British Gas currently has SpringBoard programmes for all leadership levels. One of these currently underway is SpringBoard 5, which is specifically designed for the head of department level.  In 2011, SpringBoard 5 was expanded across our UK businesses to include Centrica Energy, Corporate Services and Centrica Storage employees.

The annual programme is made up of modules that focus on increasing self-awareness, expanding one’s networks, and exposure across the business. Springboard 5 participants must also undertake a business project that addresses a real strategic challenge to the business. To deliver this, the teams work together to identify potential solutions, providing real value to the business. This work enables them to bring to life the leadership behaviours and skills covered in programme modules earlier in the year. Participants present their project findings and recommendations to Business Leaders from across Centrica at the programmes ‘graduation’ in December.

The SpringBoard programme is reviewed every year to ensure it delivers against business requirements and supports the talent agenda, whilst ensuring that the leadership development concepts remain leading edge.

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