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Safeguarding the environment

Managing the environmental impacts associated with our business is integral to the way we operate. As an energy company, the most significant contributions we can make are helping to reduce carbon emissions and minimising environmental impacts from our activities.

Latest Update | 16 February 2015

New Ignite investment: From farm to fuel

In her latest blog, Julia talks about Ignite's recent investment in Brackenburn. Find out how our support, will help Brackenburn develop a sustainable fuel while reinvigorating rural communities.

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Julia Rebholz

Julia Rebholz
Group Sustainability Director & Managing Director

23 January 2015

A New Year’s Energy Resolution for Britain’s schools

British Gas' Generation Green education programme, is helping school's across Britain save money and cut their carbon emissions by giving them the opportunity to win an energy makeover.

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Richard Brook

Richard Brook

26 November 2014

Driving down fleet emissions with electric vehicles

Following the success of the UK's largest electric vehicle fleet trial earlier in 2014, British Gas has rolled out 50 electric vehicles and has another 50 due to arrive early next year. Use of the electric vehicles is a central part of Centrica's commitment to reduce its internal carbon footprint.

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Colin Marriott, General Manager of Fleet

Colin Marriott, General Manager of Fleet

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Climate change is one of the single biggest global challenges. We recognise the impact that energy can have on the climate and we remain committed to reducing carbon emissions. It is also important to balance the challenges of tackling climate change with other core priorities, specifically to ensure secure, yet affordable, supplies of gas and power for all our customers. This is what we call 'the energy trilemma'.

We are helping our customers use energy more efficiently to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions, while sourcing the gas supplies needed to heat their homes affordably and reducing the carbon intensity of power generation.

Our approach to safeguarding the environment is to:

We remain committed to addressing the challenge of climate change and to contributing to government greenhouse gas emission reduction targets that have been set at European and UK level. But we cannot do this alone. Consumers must be willing to change how they think about energy - the way they obtain it and the way they use it. Governments also have a critical role to play by providing the right regulatory frameworks to make investment in lower carbon power generation economically viable.

Extensive engagement with these and other stakeholders is necessary to develop the momentum for change. See our Stakeholder engagement summary PDF (0.07Mb) for more information on how we work with others in this area.

Environmental management

Our global environmental management systems provide a common approach across Centrica businesses to monitor, manage and reduce environmental impacts and comply with our environmental policy in all our activities. The systems cover a wide range of impacts including: emissions from energy production and use, travel and the use of company vehicles; waste; and the impact of our operations on biodiversity.

An important role of our environmental management systems is to ensure compliance with our policies and local and national regulations. Our incident reporting system, 'myHSE', enables us to capture more accurate data on environmental incidents so we investigate and understand all incidents, no matter how minor. This helps to improve reporting, prevent recurrence of similar incidents and share lessons learned across the Group.

Our people play a critical role in helping us reduce our environmental impacts, and their behaviour often determines whether we will succeed in meeting our targets. Our Group-wide health, safety and environmental (HSE) programme aims to encourage behaviour change through tailored environmental awareness plans for each part of the business.

See our data centre for the complete range of our environmental metrics.

2013 Performance Review

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Carbon and climate change

2011 performance review

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We aim to publish updates on our carbon and climate change activities on this page throughout the year.