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Speeches: CERA Week Global Gas Plenary, (PDF 0.07Mb)

Sam Laidlaw, CEO Centrica

05 Mar 2014

Sam Laidlaw speaks at CERAWeek Global Gas Plenary in Houston, Texas which is the pre-eminent global gathering for the energy industry and this year focuses on the big issues of changing markets, technologies and geopolitics.

In the press: Stop fighting over us, British Gas boss tells Lib Dems and Ed Miliband

Mail on Sunday

03 Mar 2014

Chris Weston, Managing Director of British Gas argues that in the UK we used to have political consensus over energy, but now that has broken down and that increases uncertainty in the market and uncertainty is the enemy of investment. Whereas before the largest companies in the world could come to the UK and know for certain there was political agreement over energy policy, that is no longer the case.

Speeches: Investing in the UK’s energy future (PDF 0.19Mb)

Sam Laidlaw, CEO Centrica - Spectator Energy Conference

02 Dec 2013

Three forces are coming together – our growing dependence on an increasingly volatile world market; our commitment to make serious cuts in carbon emissions; and our obligation as a society to ensure that energy remains affordable at a time of huge pressure on household and business incomes.

Speeches: CBI Annual Conference 2013 (PDF 0.08Mb)

Sam Laidlaw, Chief Executive

04 Nov 2013

Centrica Chief Executive Sam Laidlaw took part in a panel discussion at the CBI Annual Conference 2013 focusing on trust in business entitled ‘Business trust under the spotlight’.