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In the press: Smart tech driving the energy revolution begins at home (PDF 0.06Mb)

29 Dec 2014

Sam explains that the current fall in oil prices, whatever the causes, is unlikely to last. But he is optimistic that we can keep future energy costs and bills down through new technology which is revolutionising every aspect of energy supply and use from exploration and transportation to the smart grid and smart meters. But without the political will to separate the UK’s long-term investment needs from short-term political demands the current lower oil prices will be just another short term bonus.

In the press: Getting warmer on explaining, but still paying a high price (PDF 0.06Mb)

Sam Laidlaw, chief executive of Centrica writes in The Sunday Telegraph

23 Dec 2014

Sam explains how over the last six years the consensus among the main political parties, in the UK, over energy has broken down, and the political and business cycles have become more divergent. Although we’re trying hard to explain the difficult choices we face in the energy sector the lesson is energy suppliers and Government need to do more to listen to customers’ concerns and to provide them with clearer information about what they are paying for and why.

In the press: Centrica boss Sam Laidlaw: 'This is always going to be a high-profile job'

The Sunday Telegraph - James Quinn

15 Dec 2014

Sam Laidlaw reflects on his eight and half years as CEO of Centrica; about the energy firm’s change during his tenure, the row over bills, what he will miss most about the job and what he is most proud of - the safety record, the employee engagement, the customer service.

Speeches: Jorge Pikunic speaks at Marketforce's Smart Metering Forum (PDF 0.17Mb)

09 Dec 2014

Jorge, MD Smart Metering at British Gas, talks about how smart meters are changing customers’ relationships with their supplier and their energy. Also view the short video of Deborah and her husband Brian from Cardiff, on why they took part in the British Gas smart meter challenge and what they found.