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In the press: The National Smart Meter Challenge: redefining our relationship with energy (PDF 1.23Mb)

British Gas Smart Meter Challenge shows how average savings of up to £66 a year could be achieved from energy bills

19 Nov 2014

A revolutionary British Gas experiment with 14 homes across Britain proves how easy it is to be energy efficient with smart meters. Participants were using 6% less gas, and 7% less electricity than similar homes without smart meters, simply by being more aware of their energy use. If they continue this energy-efficient behaviour, they will save an average of £66 off their annual energy bill (6%).

Speeches: European Utility Week - smart meter roll-out (PDF 0.09Mb)

Jorge Pikunic, MD Smart Metering

07 Nov 2014

Jorge talks about how the smart meter roll-out in Britain is going. In particular, the importance of putting consumers right at the centre of the roll-out and the three most important factors to enable this.

Speeches: FT European Gas Conference (PDF 0.09Mb)

Sam Laidlaw, CEO

23 Oct 2014

Sam speaks about the seismic changes in the world of gas. How energy policy has also undergone a massive shift of emphasis over the past decade to become the principle means by which Governments in the developed world seek to tackle the effects of climate change. And if energy policy is to fulfil this role, it must be sustainable, and not just in the environmental sense.

Speeches: 'The view from the customer side' at Energy UK Annual Conference (PDF 0.08Mb)

Ian Peters, Managing Director for Residential Energy at British Gas introduced a panel discussion

22 Oct 2014

Ian spoke about customer trust, and what we're doing to improve customer service, prioritise the customer's perspective, and to use technology to enable customers to be in greater control of their energy consumption.

Speeches: Leveraging relationships to build an unconventional business from a conventional platform (PDF 0.11Mb)

Wes Morningstar, Senior Vice President, Centrica Energy Canada

20 Oct 2014

Wes speaks at the Annual Energy Roundtable in Calgary about the Centrica Energy story and how our vision to build a presence in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin evolved, how we are currently building our future by investing in natural gas and why we’ve taken a different approach to building capacity for the future.