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Briana Whitlock

Leading Europe’s online CSR communications

28 October 2011 Posted by Briana Whitlock, Corporate Responsibility

I'm currently at the Lundquist CSR online communications seminar, meeting with many of our corporate responsibility peers in other top European companies. We're all coming together because the communications consultancy Lundquist has just released its inaugural ranking of Europe's top 100 listed companies as part of their fourth annual CSR online awards. The ranking has historically been country-based, but this is the first year Lundquist has conducted a pan-European assessment of how effectively the top 100 companies in Europe communicate corporate responsibility online.

As one of these companies, Centrica's online CR communications was evaluated for content, user experience and ongoing engagement. The ranking criteria were based on a survey of more than 310 corporate responsibility professionals, sustainability experts and other stakeholders from around the world. There were 79 of these criteria and the evaluation process used a scoring system out of 100 points.

Earlier this week, Lundquist released the order of the top 100 and - very exciting news, particularly for the Centrica team - we have been listed as the top performer in ‘online CSR communications' in Europe. Here's a link to the 12 page executive summary of the findings.

We received 84 points out of 100 for our web-based reporting format, interactivity and dialogue. We were followed by Deutsche Post (which you'd probably know of as DHL, and their couriering and post services) and Telecom Italia, both of whose web-based CR communications received top marks as well (82.5 and 82 points respectively out of 100).

Today, I'm representing Centrica at Lundquist's seminar where they are presenting the findings in more detail, as they have some conclusions and recommendations to share. So hopefully we'll learn a bit more about what we're seen to be doing well and what we can take on board for improvements going forward.

We will also be a part of a workshop later today where Centrica will cameo as a case study along with three other companies, with open discussion to follow. My case study presentation will include an introduction to Centrica as a business, a summary of our approach to online CR communications (including digital media), and the 2010 CR Report, and our challenges and future plans. We hope to gain valuable insights from the other companies who are at the seminar as well as sharing our own. This will help feed into the stakeholder workshops we're hosting in the next few weeks to ensure our online CR communications and reporting meet the needs of those who consume the information.

All in all it's going to be an especially formative couple of weeks for our strategy going forward - starting with this seminar. Reporting season, here we come....

More information about Lundquist CSR Online Awards

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