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Simon Henderson

New video: the view from our employees

21 June 2011 Posted by Simon Henderson, Corporate Responsibility

It's been two months since we launched our corporate responsibility report and I wanted to update you on some of the activities we've been doing since then.

To publicise the report to employees, we ran a competition to win a flipcam and then asked the winners to interview their colleagues about Centrica's approach to corporate responsibility.

This gave us the opportunity to promote the report content and get some really valuable feedback from employees at the same time.

We had a great response to the competition - winners had to get five questions right (finding answers from the report) and then give us a reason why they should win. These are some of the reasons people gave us for wanting to take part:

"Because our CR ambition is so wide reaching and it deeply affects the future success of our business, ourselves as employees, our customers and our environment. However, with our busy daily lives, a big, wordy document's easy to be forgotten or ignored which is terrible because it's so important to what we do every day. I'd love to bring CR to life with my team and share it with our colleagues."

"I would relish the opportunity to get to know my colleagues better, and this is the perfect excuse to talk to those people I see every day but never have cause to speak to.  I also think that talking about CR it is a great way to bring our performance to life, and I'm sure that our stakeholders would be interested in our employee's views."

"I believe it would be a fantastic opportunity to win a camera and share the views of corporate responsibility and the report to create a sense of excitement, inspiration and engagement within my team. I'm currently part of a people champion group across CHI and I think this would be a fantastic exercise to be part of and gain some ‘real' insights of our engineers as some feel as though they are not involved with the company views and what is currently taking place across Centrica. It's a real challenge to create a sense of engagement, understanding our responsibilities and our vision/direction, hence the reason why I think this fantastic opportunity would help! Not to mention I'm a young, creative individual that believes in strong values within a team. I believe I can engage, inspire and motivate the workforce, who on a daily basis, work passionately to achieve a common goal."

We provided guidance to the flipcam winners to help them encourage their interviewees to be as honest as possible in their feedback and to find out what they really thought we could be doing better.

And the result? Watch for yourself:

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