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Guest Blogger

19 September 2014 Posted by Iain Heath, Head of Graduates

Having just completed the seventh successful year of the Summer Placement Programme, Iain Heath, Head of Graduates, talks about the valuable role work experience placements can provide young people on their transition from university to the workplace. 

16 September 2014 Posted by Jim Rushen

With today being International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, Jim Rushen discusses what we are doing across Centrica to ensure our impact on the ozone layer is minimised. 

12 September 2014 Posted by Julia Rebholz

Tomorrow is Social Saturday, the first UK national day that encourages us all to buy from Social Businesses which trade for social good. At Centrica, we are big supporters of social businesses which is why we are celebrating this important day. Find out more from Julia about how we are helping social enterprises grow their impact across Britain. 

10 September 2014 Posted by Jorge Pikunic

Guest blog from Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Smart Metering at British Gas. Jorge focuses on a recent EU directive to reduce energy use by banning certain high-powered household electrical items, arguing that instead, giving people information is what is needed to help them take control of their energy consumption. 

9 September 2014 Posted by Ian Peters

It is vital we engage and listen to our customers so that we can respond more effectively to their needs. One of the ways we do this is through the British Gas Customer Board. In this bog, Ian, who sponsors the Customer Board, talks about the key achievements made by the group so far alongside the new agenda of priorities they have created together for the next few years. 

8 September 2014 Posted by Jim Rushen

Water is one of the world's most important resources. Centrica recognises this and in the wake of World Water Week last week, Jim Rushen shares news about what Centrica is doing to reduce our impact on water through robust environmental management. 

29 August 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

British Gas is leading the way in bringing smart technology to homes, having already installed one million smart meters in homes across Britain. To understand the experience of households newly equipped with smart meters and smart energy monitors, we have launched the first national Smart Meter Challenge. 

22 August 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

Matt tells us about the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, an industry group that’s been set up with a unique remit to improve performance in operating and maintaining offshore wind farms to help us to meet our commitment to securing future energy supplies that are both affordable and sustainable for our customers. 

13 August 2014 Posted by Julia Rebholz

Julia reflects on the progress made in Ignite's first year. 

8 August 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

As a leading apprenticeship provider in Britain, we already play an important role tackling youth unemployment. But we strive to do more and have committed to create a further 450 work-experience placements for NEETs. 

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