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Julia Rebholz

13 August 2014 Posted by Julia Rebholz

Julia reflects on the progress made in Ignite's first year. 

8 August 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

In today's blog, Matt talks about the important role we are playing tackling youth unemployment as a leading apprenticeship provider in Britain but that we're also striving to do more. For example, we have teamed up with The Price’s Trust and committed to roll-out a further 450 work-experience placements for NEETs. 

7 August 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

As an energy company, we can play an important role ensuring homes stay both warm and well lit during winter and cool over summer. In this blog, Matt shares news about Direct Energy's recent partnership that will help keep vulnerable Texans cool this summer. 

29 July 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

The commitments we have made over the last three years are equivalent to the annual gas demand of almost a third of Britain's households. In this blog, Matt covers the important topic of energy security and the role we are playing in securing energy our customers need. 

15 July 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

In his most recent blog, Matt shares his views about the potential benefits time-of-use tariffs could bring to the UK. Time-of-use tariffs can have a beneficial effect by for example, reducing the strain of peak energy demand and making energy cheaper. 

9 July 2014 Posted by Bryan Halliday

Everyone deserves the right to live in a decent home, yet many people in Britain suffer from bad housing and homelessness. In this blog, Bryan discusses how British Gas' partnership with Shelter is helping tackle this issue through its latest initiative, British Gas Treks Britain. 

26 June 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

Smart meters are playing a crucial role in helping our customers monitor and control their energy consumption and costs. With the installation of British Gas' 1 millionth smart meter in a UK home, Matt discusses the role we are playing in the smart meter roll-out and the benefits they are delivering in Britain today. 

12 June 2014 Posted by CR updates

With over 6.5m carers in the UK, we want to ensure that our people with carer responsibilities can continue to meet their personal commitments while also being able to achieve their career ambitions. We therefore provide creative and flexible solutions that support our carer workers. 

10 June 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

We recognise the responsibility that we have to keep peoples’ homes and businesses warm and well lit. Our efforts to mitigate our environmental impact is paying dividends and last week, we were awarded the top-performing utility in the 2014 Global 500 Newsweek Green Rankings. 

5 June 2014 Posted by Jim Rushen

With today being World Environment Day, Jim takes the opportunity to encourage worldwide awareness and action to safeguard the environment. As Centrica is committed to combatting climate change, we talk about what we are doing to help overcome one the biggest challenges facing the world today by limiting our operational impact and helping customers reduce their energy consumption. 

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