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Engaging with our stakeholders (07:32)

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A committed workforce with the right technical skills and understanding of our customers is essential to deliver energy security and support our strategic priorities

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Matt Eastland

First national smart meter challenge

Posted by Matt Eastland

British Gas is leading the way in bringing smart technology to homes, having already installed one million smart meters in homes across Britain. To understand the experience of households newly equipped with smart meters and smart energy monitors, we have launched the first national Smart Meter Challenge.

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Big companies have the power to provide security for our customers (PDF 0.06Mb)

Sam Laidlaw writes in The Times ''There is an often unspoken question at the heart of the energy debate: "would we be better off now if privatisation and deregulation had never happened?" This question of what is best for customers lies at the heart of the Competition and Markets Authority inquiry into the energy market, an inquiry that we welcome, but energy companies are part of the solution to the energy challenges we all face.

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