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AGM video (04:36)

AGM video: Listening to our customers, listening to our people

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Energy security (PDF 0.10Mb)

Security of supply is vital to the UK and as we move from being a net exporter to a net importer of gas three forces are coming together as the energy trilemma – our growing dependence on an increasingly volatile world energy market; our commitment to make reductions in carbon emissions; and our obligation as a society to ensure that energy remains affordable at a time of growing pressure on household and business incomes.

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Matt Eastland

Exploring the potential of time-of-use tariffs

Posted by Matt Eastland

In his most recent blog, Matt shares his views about the potential benefits time-of-use tariffs could bring to the UK. Time-of-use tariffs can have a beneficial effect by for example, reducing the strain of peak energy demand and making energy cheaper.

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The Connected Home - the smarter energy future (PDF 0.10Mb)

Nina Bhatia shares her perspective on the connected home and the smart energy future. Smart energy products that help our customers with the things that matter most to them: control, comfort, convenience and costs.

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