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    Refers to US dollars unless specified otherwise

     <1 year

    Less than 1 year

     >1 year

    Greater than 1 year


    Proven and probable





    An entity in which the Group has an equity interest and over which it has the ability to exercise significant influence



    Billion cubic feet


    Barrels of oil



    Certified emissions reduction (carbon emissions certificate)


    Carbon emissions reduction target


    Cash generating unit


    Consumer Price Index



    Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation


    European Union allowance (carbon emissions certificate)



    Financial Services Authority

     FTSE 100

    Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 share index, an average of share prices in the 100 largest, most actively traded companies on the London Stock Exchange


    Fair value less costs to sell


     g CO2/kWh

    Grammes of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour


    Group Financial Risk Management Committee


    Gigawatt hour


     IAS 19

    The International Accounting Standard related to Employee Benefits. These financial reporting rules include requirements related to pension accounting

     IAS 39

    The International Accounting Standard related to financial instruments (recognition & measurement)


    International Financial Reporting Standard


     Jointly controlled entity

    A joint venture which involves the establishment of an entity to engage in economic activity, which the Group controls jointly with its fellow venturers


     Level 1

    Fair value is determined using observable inputs that reflect unadjusted quoted market prices for identical assets and liabilities, for example exchange-traded commodity contracts valued using close-of-day settlement prices. The adjusted market price used for financial assets held by the Group is the current bid price

     Level 2

    Fair value is determined using significant inputs that may be either directly observable inputs or unobservable inputs that are corroborated by market data, for example over-the-counter energy contracts within the active period valued using broker-quotes or third-party pricing services and foreign exchange or interest rate derivatives valued using market-based data

     Level 3

    Fair value is determined using significant unobservable inputs that are not corroborated by market data and may be used with internally developed methodologies that result in management's best estimate of fair value, for example energy contracts within the inactive period valued using in-house valuation techniques


    Liquefied natural gas



    Million barrels of oil equivalent


    Million therms


    Megawatt hour



    Net book value


    Non-governmental organisation



    Property, plant and equipment


    Petroleum revenue tax



    Renewable obligation certificate


    Retail Price Index



    Comprised of Treasury gilts designated at fair value through profit or loss on initial recognition and available-for-sale financial assets. The fair values of securities are based on quoted market prices, when available. If quoted market prices are not available, fair values are estimated using observable market data


    Supplementary charge associated with UK Corporation Tax

     Spark spread

    The difference between the price of a unit of electricity and the cost of the gas used to generate it



    Value added tax


    Value in use

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Shareholder Information

Shareholder Information

Managing your shares

Please contact our Registrar, Equiniti, to manage your shareholding. Further information is also available through the Shareholder Centre on our website, including frequently asked questions and forms available to download to assist in:

  • transferring your shares;
  • changing your registered name or address;
  • registering a lost share certificate and obtaining a replacement;
  • consolidating your share certificates;
  • managing your dividend payments;
  • buying, selling or transferring shares through Centrica FlexiShare;
  • notifying the death of a shareholder; and
  • registering for electronic communications.

You can also manage your shareholding online by registering for Shareview via the electronic communications section of the Shareholder Centre.

When calling Equiniti or registering online, you should have your shareholder reference number at hand. This can be found on your share certificate or dividend tax voucher. You should also include this on any correspondence.

If you hold less than 2,500 shares, you will be able to change your registered address or set up a dividend mandate instruction over the phone. For security, if you hold more than 2,500 shares, you will need to put this in writing.

You should note that if you receive more than one copy of documents that we send you, it is likely that you have more than one account on the share register, perhaps with a slightly different name or address. If you write to Equiniti and give them the shareholder reference numbers, they will be able to combine your accounts into one.

We are currently working with a specialist tracing agency, ProSearch, to identify shareholders whose details are not up to date and who have outstanding cash entitlements. Please notify Equiniti when you move house to ensure you continue to receive all our communications.

Centrica FlexiShare

FlexiShare is a convenient way to hold Centrica shares without a share certificate. Your shares would be held in a nominee company, Equiniti Corporate Nominees Limited, however your rights to attend and vote at general meetings are the same as if the shares were held in your own name. Holding your shares in this way is a free service and comes with a number of benefits:

  • low cost share-dealing facilities, provided by three independent providers, full details of which are available on the Shareholder Centre together with dealing charges;
  • quicker settlement periods for buying and selling shares; and
  • the opportunity to elect for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan.


Dividends on Centrica shares are usually paid in June and November. Details of the interim and final dividends for the year ended 31 December 2011 can be found in note 10 to the Financial Statements.

You are encouraged to receive your dividends directly to your bank or building society account. This means that you will receive the money on the day it is paid and avoids any risk of missing cheques. If you do choose to receive your dividends in this way, a consolidated tax voucher will be sent to you in March each year.

If you do not have a UK bank or building society account to receive dividend payments, Equiniti are able to pay dividends in local currencies in over 30 countries. For a small fee, you could have your dividends converted from sterling and paid into your designated bank account, usually within five days of the dividend being paid.

Shareholder communication

Due to changes in legislation, it is now possible for us to communicate to a greater extent with shareholders using our website. We strongly encourage our shareholders to receive communications electronically as it allows us to make considerable savings, both environmentally and financially, and allows you to:

  • view the Annual Report and Annual Review on the day they are published;
  • receive an email alert when shareholder communications are available;
  • cast your AGM vote; and
  • manage your shareholding quickly and securely.

Our website contains a wealth of other information, including:

  • regular updates about our business;
  • comprehensive share price information;
  • financial results; and
  • dividend payment dates and amounts.

Buying and selling shares with a share certificate

If you wish to buy or sell Centrica shares and hold a share certificate, you can do this:

  • by using the services of a stockbroker or high street bank; or
  • through telephone or online services.

In order to sell your shares in this way, you will need to present your share certificate at the time of sale.

American Depository Receipts (ADR)

We have an ADR programme, trading under the symbol CPYYY. Centrica's ratio is one ADR being equivalent to four UK shares. Further information is available from the Shareholder Centre or please contact:

ADR Depositary
The Bank of New York Mellon – Shareowner Services
P. O. Box 358516, Pittsburgh, PA
Email: shrrelations@bnymellon.com or via
Telephone: 1-888-269-2377 toll-free in the US or
+1 201-680-6825 from outside the US
Website: www.adrbnymellon.com


It may be that you have a small number of shares and that it would cost you more to sell these than they are worth. It is possible to donate these to ShareGift, a registered charity, who provide a free service to enable you to dispose charitably of such shares. More information on this service can be obtained from www.sharegift.org or call +44 (0) 207 930 3737.

Scams and frauds

You should be wary of any unsolicited communications, such as:

  • offers to buy or sell shares at a discount;
  • opportunities to receive free company reports;
  • free financial advice; and
  • chances to invest in carbon credit trading schemes.

These approaches may be part of financial scams and can be very persistent, using hard sell tactics to persuade you to buy or sell shares or invest in carbon credit schemes.

The FSA provide comprehensive advice in relation to scams and frauds. Detailed information can be found on their website www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/consumerinformation.

Any share-dealing facilities endorsed by the Company will be included in our mailings.

Centrica share history

Centrica's shares were first traded on the London Stock Exchange on 17 February 1997 following the demerger from British Gas plc. Since then there have been three events affecting the share capital, as shown below, with full details available from Equiniti and on our website:

  • 1999 share consolidation;
  • 2004 share consolidation; and
  • 2008 rights issue.

Financial calendar

* Provisional

25 April 2012 Ex-dividend date – 2011 final dividend
27 April 2012 Record date – 2011 final dividend
11 May 2012 AGM, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London SW1 (at 2pm)
13 June 2012 Payment date – 2011 final dividend
26 July 2012 2012 Half Year Results
26 September 2012* Ex-dividend date – 2012 interim dividend
28 September 2012 * Record date – 2012 interim dividend
14 November 2012* Payment date – 2012 interim dividend

Analysis of shareholders as at 31 December 2011

Distribution of shares by type of shareholder Number of holdings Shares
Nominees and institutional investors 14,079 4,832,078,015
Individuals 685,151 341,166,793
Total 699,230 5,173,244,808
Size of shareholding Number of holdings Shares
1–500 513,587 117,840,138
501–1,000 107,626 74,525,099
1,001–5,000 70,151 128,080,964
5,001–10,000 4,692 32,529,629
10,001– 50,000 1,935 35,392,223
50,001–100,000 246 17,846,650
100,001– 1,000,000 575 215,925,072
1,000,001 and above 418 4,551,105,033
Total 699,230 5,173,244,808

As at 31 December 2011 there were 74,210 participants in FlexiShare, with an aggregate shareholding of 127,514,453 shares registered in the name of Equiniti Corporate Nominees Limited.

Manage more online

You can also view and manage your shareholding online. Go to the electronic communications section of the Shareholder Centre on our website at www.centrica.com/shareholdercentre

Contact details for our registrar

Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0871 384 2985* and outside the UK +44 121 415 7061
Textphone: 0871 384 2255* and outside the UK +44 121 415 7028

Email: centrica@equiniti.com

* Calls to this number are charged at 8 pence per minute from a BT landline. Other providers' telephony costs may vary. Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (UK time) excluding UK public holidays.


If you would like this Annual Report in an alternative format, such as large print, Braille or CD, you can request these in the following ways:

  • Telephone: 0800 111 4371
  • Textphone: 18001 0800 111 4371

Please note that these numbers should be used to request copies of alternative formats only. For general shareholder enquiries, please use the Centrica shareholder helpline 0871 384 2985*.

* Calls to this number are charged at 8 pence per minute from a BT landline. Other providers' telephony costs may vary. Lines are open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday (UK time) excluding UK public holidays.