Shareholder Information

Electronic communications and the Centrica website

At the 2007 Annual General Meeting the Company passed a resolution allowing the Centrica website to be used as the primary means of communication with its shareholders. Those shareholders who have positively elected for website communication (or who were deemed to have consented to electronic communication in accordance with the Companies Act 2006) will receive written notification whenever shareholder documents are available to view on the Centrica website.

The new electronic arrangements provide shareholders with the opportunity to access information in a timely manner and help Centrica to reduce both its costs and its impact on the environment.

The 2008 Annual Report, Annual Review and Notice of Meeting are available to view at

The Centrica website at also provides news and details of the Company’s activities with links to its business sites.

The investors’ section of the website contains up-to-date information for shareholders including:

  • comprehensive share price information;
  • financial results;
  • dividend payment dates and amounts; and
  • access to shareholder documents such as the Annual Report and Annual Review.

Shareholders who have registered to receive shareholder documentation from Centrica electronically can:

  • view the Annual Report and Annual Review on the day they are published;
  • receive an email alert when shareholder documents are available;
  • cast their AGM vote electronically; and
  • manage their shareholding quickly and securely online.

Visit for more information and to register for electronic shareholder communication.

Centrica shareholder helpline

Centrica’s shareholder register is maintained by Equiniti, which is responsible for making dividend payments and updating the register.

If you have a query on the following:

  • transfer of shares;
  • change of name or address;
  • lost share certificates;
  • lost or out-of-date dividend cheques and payment of dividends into a bank or building society account;
  • death of the registered holder of shares; or

any other query relating to your Centrica shareholding, please contact Equiniti:

Telephone: 0871 384 2985*
Textphone: 0871 384 2255*

Write to: Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA


A range of frequently asked questions is also available at

* Calls to these numbers are charged at 8 pence per minute from a BT landline. Other providers’ telephony costs may vary.